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Entrepreneurship is my passion. I started my career as a banker in 1980. After 7 1/2 years of helping underperforming branches turn around, I realized the corporate world is not where I belong. But I didn’t stay on the sidelines. In 1987, I joined my family’s business and helped it grow while leading it through a round of acquisitions. Through my careful evaluation of various businesses and business models, I discovered a love of franchising. A well-structured, professional franchisor can provide tremendous support to entrepreneurs, and since the success of a franchisor is dependent on how well they support their franchisees, new franchise business owners can expect to have a lot of attention to help them deal with the challenges of business ownership.

Canadian Franchise AssociationI’m a member of the board of directors for the Canadian Franchise Association. From 1994 to 2002, I was president of P&R Performance Inc., which helped hundreds of franchise owners and independent business owners improve their business results. I have had the chance to work with some of Canada’s best franchise systems.

When it comes to franchising, I’ve been on every side of the table. I got my own start in business format franchising in 1991 — first as a franchise recruiting executive for a national training organization before investing and becoming a top-performing franchisee who achieved Top 5 status in a 100+ location system. In 1997, a partner and I took over the entire organization as a business format franchisor.

What do I do?

My experience in the Canadian franchising industry has made me a sought-after franchise consultant for people and businesses in Canada that are considering the franchise industry. Connecting great people with worthy franchise businesses is my mission. I work with FranNet to achieve that goal:

FranNet: Starting a franchise in Toronto

FranNet is a business franchise consulting company that helps people who are considering self employment as a career option. As the FranNet business consultant for Toronto, I help clients get a picture of which franchises they can afford, which ones might be a best fit for their experience and skills, and which Toronto franchises are most likely to help them meet or exceed their financial goals while also allowing them to have the work/life balance they desire.

A franchisee-franchisor relationship is a lot like a marriage — if you pick right, you have a good chance of long-term happiness; if you pick wrong, you can expect a lot of misery. I work with dozens of franchisors and help clients find ones they might want to own. I also help them do in-depth research into the companies they are considering, coaching them on who to talk to and the right questions to ask the ensure that they have a wide-eyed understanding of the company before they invest.

Starting your own business is a big decision, and I’m happy to guide you through the process at no cost.

I also work with iFranchise Group, which helps companies succeed in the franchise industry, helping them connect with companies that are considering franchising or are looking for ways to strengthen their operations.

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